Attractions of Cambridge, England

Cambridge is the educational and administrative center of the county of Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. The earliest indications of settlement in the Cambridge area consisted of a farmstead that dates back 3,500 years. However, major development did not occur in the area until 40 A.D. when the Romans invaded. Over time, the village grew and eventually became known as Cambridge. Cambridge’s famous university was founded in 1209 A.D. by students that were fleeing some of Oxford’s hostile inhabitants. Among Cambridge’s many attractions are several varieties of sports, theater, music and tourist sites.

Cambridge holds many football, rugby and watersport events. The city played a key roll in the development of modern football. In 1848 the game’s first set of rules was drafted by members of the University of Cambridge. Cambridge participates in both National Division One and National Conference League codes of rugby. Rowing is a fairly popular sport in Cambridge as the River Cam flows through the city’s centre. Most of the University’s individual colleges have boathouses on the river. Other sporting events include cricket and tennis matches as well as motorcycle racing.

The two largest theatres in Cambridge are the Arts Theatre, located in the city’s centre, and the Cambridge Corn Exchange. The Arts Theatre hosts shows performed by traveling troupes as well as local companies. The Cambridge Corn Exchange was renovated in the 1980s, which transformed it into a full time venue that can seat 1200 people. It now exhibits theatre, dance and musical performances. In addition, there are a number of theatre venues contained in the University of Cambridge. Each year, the University presents the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival, an eight week long series of performances.

Cambridge is also home to many musical festivals. The largest folk music festival in the United Kingdom, the Cambridge Folk Festival, has taken place here since 1964. A yearly classical music event, the Cambridge Summer Music Festival, is held by the University. Several musical groups have gotten their start in Cambridge, the most notable of which is Pink Floyd.

Major visitor attractions in Cambridge include The Fitzwilliam Museum, King’s College and The Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences. The Fitzwilliam Museum is an expansive collection of art and artifacts from numerous time periods and civilisations. King’s College is a must see example of late Gothic English architecture. The Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences exhibits a vast assemblage of fossils, rocks and minerals from around the world.