Cambridge Stag Weekends

When you think of an exciting stag weekend for you and your buddies, I imagine you aren’t thinking about Cambridge. But, think again! Cambridge is a college town, after all, and most college towns offer more than their fair share of entertainment.Located just 50 miles north of London, Cambridge really is known for one thing only: Cambridge University. The town of Cambridge was first settled in 40 AD by the Romans and later taken over by the Saxons and Vikings. During Norman times, the University was founded. Unhappy students from Oxford travelled to Cambridge to attend the University in 1209. Not just a college town now, Cambridge is a technology hub, housing many large high-tech companies. This infusion of new wealth has brought with it new opportunities for you to have a great stag weekend in Cambridge!While in Cambridge, the first stop has got to be King’s College Chapel.

Rent a bike and drive through this extraordinarily flat town and head out to the University. Remember, there are students at work in those buildings, so keep the noise down! There are simply too many things to do in Cambridge. You and your buddies may want to spend the day playing paintball or shooting clay pigeons. The Cambridge countryside offers up an enormous number of opportunities for driving-related fun. Go kart races (both indoor and outdoor) are available, as are rally kart racing, and quad biking.You may want to try your hand at being a virtual soldier, falconry, multi-activity spy games, or a treasure hunt throughout the pubs in town. And what trip to Cambridge would be complete without barreling down a hill in a giant sphere? Cambridge is also known for the punts, and there are plenty of punting pubs along the river to keep you busy all night long. Rent a punt and go from pub to pub, or adventure off the beaten path to some of the more high-end pubs and bars off the river.

The selection of dining choices in Cambridge is unbeaten throughout the United Kingdom. Whether you are looking for Italian, Mexican, Spanish, or Chinese, there are restaurants for you. But don’t stop there! Try out a Croatian meal, Egyptian, or Indian. You can find almost any type of food in this small town. Cambridge is great place for a stag weekend because if its proximity to London, accessibility via train from almost any town in the United Kingdom, and varied opportunities you will find there. Whether you are looking for a wild night out on the town, or a smooth ride down the river and a great meal, you may find that Cambridge is a great place for that stag weekend.