The Modern Side of Cambridge Hotels

Throughout the year, a considerable number of visitors and tourists from all over the world book extended breaks in Cambridge hotels in order to make the most of what the city has to offer. Much of the enormous perennial interest in Cambridge is of course down to its rich historical and architectural treasures; but there are many visitors who are also drawn to Cambridge’s status as a major centre for contemporary science and culture.

Taking the UK arts scene for example; Cambridge remains one of the key focal points for today’s active artists, writers and academics to showcase new works and exchange ideas.

Several of the country’s leading theatres, for example, are based in Cambridge, including the Cambridge Arts Theatre, the Cambridge Corn Exchange and, of course, the ADC Theatre. The latter is perhaps best known for hosting the annual University Footlights review.

Cambridge hotels are also filled each year with those attending the many major international arts festivals that take place in and around the city. These include the Cambridge Folk Festival; the Cambridge Film Festival; the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival; and the city’s annual literary festival, Wordfest.

As well as providing a platform for niche or burgeoning talent, the festivals are almost always guaranteed to attract performances and contributions from a wide range of prestigious international acts and personalities.

Devotees of the latest in contemporary fine art also regularly flock to the city to take in the latest exhibitions and installations to grace the city’s many arts centres and galleries. These exhibitions and installations feature works by both famous and up and coming artists; and many celebrated contemporary artists are usually more than happy to lend these centres and galleries examples of their work

On the scientific front, Cambridge of course enjoys the privileged status of being home to some of the world’s finest centres of academic research; which in turn enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with many local scientific and technological industries.

Whilst most scientific developments of course take place behind closed doors, those with a keen interest in the latest scientific trends can take the opportunity each year to visit the annual Cambridge Science Festival.

The festival is run by staff and volunteers from the University of Cambridge; and hotels in the area often report brisk trade during the time of the festival, as it not only gives an opportunity for members of the public to catch up with what is currently going on in the world of science, it also encourages participation in debates and discussions around many topical and thought-provoking scientific issues.

The area around Cambridge also features two specialist zoological attractions: Linton Zoo, and Wimpole Home Farm.

Linton Zoo concerns itself with displaying and providing information on rare and exotic species – including snow leopards, tapirs, and giant tortoises. Wimpole Home Farm, meanwhile, also features many rare animal breeds.

Of course, even the many who enjoy visiting Cambridge for its strong contributions to modern life also appreciate the city’s traditions. After all, what would a visit to Cambridge be without a relaxing chauffeured punt along the river Cam?